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About Us

Welcome to Olivia Baptist Church and more specifically, to our website!

As  Pastor of OBC my hope is that we would be a family of men and women who  know and worship the God of the universe rightly. That in view of who  He is, we would walk in compassion, mercy and grace and that both our  minds and our hearts would be overwhelmed by Him. Also, that we would  lead “open handed” lives; willing to invest all that we are to the  mission of Him who is changing us to be more like Jesus. 

So,  here’s my invitation to you. Check us out! Join us during any of our  service times. Come as you are because that’s how God wants you to come  to Him. Allow the message of Jesus to work in your life. Then, get  connected with us! You can be surrounded by crowds of people, but  without connection you’ll still feel alone. We believe our lives with  Jesus are best experienced with others. We may be ok alone, but we are  better together! Please contact us if you have any questions about our  church or your walk with the Lord.

Pastor John

Our Mission and Vision

We seek to honor God in improving the lives of our staff, members, and community by training them to live abundantly in Christ.

Our Vision

We seek to "Make a Difference" in people's lives by moving them toward Christian maturity.

Our Core Values

Olivia Baptist Church is an evangelical Christian church that affirms  the articles of faith found in the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message of  the Southern Baptist Convention, and our "core values" are derived from  such:

  • We affirm there is only one true God, and He is revealed in the Bible.
  •  We affirm there is one Savior, Jesus Christ, who died for the sins of humanity and rose again to defeat sin and death.
  • We affirm the Bible as God's perfect Word and the ultimate authority in all matters of faith and practice.
  • We  affirm the dignity and value of every human as created in the image of  God and the object of His indescribable love, as displayed by the death  of Jesus for our sins.
  • We affirm the role of the church as  commissioned by God, to be a body of believers, united for the purpose  of worship, education, service, and evangelism.